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Put Another Record On

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My gift to Brian this Christmas was a record player (or turntable, or phonograph). We’ve each been building up a collection of records over the years (mine started when I purchased Debbie Gibson’s Out of the Blue in the second grade), so it’s been great to hear our records through the speakers. The thing is, now I want some sort of furniture piece to hold the records and player. My current solution is a wooden TV tray and a plastic milk crate (note to college students with little money- buy these things, you will keep finding uses for them until you win the lotto and can afford to actually decorate your whole house at once).

The contenders:

Urban Outfitters

West Elm


And if I do win the lotto (or stop buying food):

Design Within Reach


Solid As A Rock

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I’m totally digging these Agate and Geode necklaces:

Get it- digging? A little geology humor for your Monday.

1. Urban Outfitters 2. Fancy 3. RawEarth Studio 4. Nina Nguyen