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A Little Bit of LA

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We were in LA at the start of the new year. The weather was more than I could have hoped for- a few days of sunshine goes a long way. And wouldn’t you know, Brian’s cousin Fritz, from Official Mfg Co, was in town as well! We had a great time spending the day with Fritz- he was able to show us some instillations he’d done at The Gap in The Grove a few years ago. The Farmer’s Market meets right up to The Grove, which made for an interesting new/old/high/low contrast. And of course, I can’t be in LA and not visit The Getty.

Fritz made sure to mention that his mom, Cindy, helped sew this flag. Shoutout to Aunt Cindy!

Oh man, looking at these photos, I’m wondering why I live in such a rainy place! But I know why- the rain makes our plants look so good when the sun does come out.