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Terrarium Update!

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Saturday was a perfect example of spring weather; bright, warm, and sunny.  I decided to get out and pick up some plants for inside and outside my place.  I repotted the coleus and chenille plant, picked up some pansies and petunias for outside, and found some tropical plants for the window box- including a terrarium!


I didn’t think a terrarium would make me this happy; there is just something about looking through the glass into the little ecosystem.  I’m really tempted to pick up a little gnome to add to this living diorama.

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The vegetation is starting to stir around here, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather of the past few weeks.  I want to add some more plants to my collection, but I don’t quite trust the weather around here (light snow has fallen in the past few days!) so I’m sticking with indoor plants.

I saw Tovah Martin talking about terrariums on Moment of Luxury a few weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to get her creations off my mind.  Her book, The New Terrarium, is filled with gorgeous, inventive takes on the classic garden.

Besides being so pretty, terrariums fascinate me because they are their own little ecosystem.  You add some water, place the top on, and the water evaporates and runs back down to the ground- just like the water cycle you learned about in school.

I think I’ll put some in my kitchen window; we have one of those greenhouse-style windows that stick out from the house.  It gets indirect sunlight all day, so it should be the perfect place for some mini-ecosystems.

Images: Natalie Caudill for Dallas Morning News, tovahmartin.com, Viva Terra