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Bed Makeover

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I once read in an old Girl Scout manual that it’s important to keep your bed looking nice because it’s the largest piece of furniture in your room.  Looking back, this was probably just bed-making propaganda, but that little piece of advice has always stuck with me, because it’s true: your room does look a lot nicer when your bed is made.

Lately, it didn’t seem to matter how neat and tidy the bed was, it was just looking blah.  I think the trouble started with the area rug we got in December; that rug is quite the attention-getter, so the bed just looked lame in comparison.  The time had come for a new bedspread.



The new bedspread is a quilt from Liberty of London for Target (no longer available).  The shams are also from Target.  I love how well the quilt and rug go together.  Hmm, the space above the headboard is looking pretty weak now…

(Image: Gretchen Lilly)