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New Martha Stewart Scissors

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I am the proud owner of two new pairs of craft scissors!  I stopped by Michael’s today, after reading on Decor8 that all Martha Stewart Crafts products are 25% off until May 23rd.  I’d seen Martha talk about her scissors on her show a few weeks ago, and this sale was the perfect reason to pick them up.  I got a pair of all purpose scissors (regular size), and a pair of precision scissors (small).  My mom taught me the importance of having separate fabric scissors, but I hadn’t thought of having dedicated paper scissors until Martha talked about it on her show.  Also, we just moved, and our regular old purple handled scissors have gotten packing tape gunk on them from opening up all the moving boxes.

They both cut really well, and you can adjust the tension on the blades (for cutting through thick paper).  I also wanted to get them because each pair comes with a plastic pouch that snaps shut AND a plastic blade cover.  I’m really looking forward to using the small ones on upcoming projects- I like the idea of making small, precision cuts on my collages.


As I said above, the sale is on ALL of her products- there were some really cute labeling stickers that I just may have to go pick up before the sale is over.