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Four Months Later…

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I bought this dress at Old Navy back in February, and the weather around here has been so cold and rainy that it has just sat in my closet with the tag on.  We actually had a warm, sunny day this weekend; I knew what I had to wear.

The B. Makowsky sandals are new, I just got them at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  I’d never heard of this brand before, but they are really comfortable, and the leather is really soft.  The sunglasses are Ray Ban, and the purse is Coach.  The necklace is from Claire’s; I bought it back in college, and is the most complemented piece of jewelry I’ve ever had.  Rope bracelet “on loan” from my momma.

Photo: Gretchen Lilly


Fun With The Dressform: Warming Up

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We’re in the season of turning on the defroster in the morning, but rolling down the windows when you get off work.  Layering season!  I went with a jacket that isn’t too heavy, so you won’t look too silly carrying it around with you at the end of the day.  You can wear the scarf with the dress after ditching the jacket- some lady on t.v. said it’s okay to wear a print and a stripe as long as they’re in the same color family.  Holding a bunch of tulips optional.

Jacket: Gap

Scarf: Liberty of London for Target

Dress: Old Navy

Sandals: Gap


Fun With the Dress Form: Crisp Cotton

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The spring weather has been such a tease; sunny but moderate one day, rainy and windy the next.  I am getting very antsy.  I just want to throw on a cute dress and hop on my Vespa!*


I swear on a stack of Girl Scout Handbooks that I will throw this ensemble on as soon as it gets over 77 degrees.

Dress: J. Crew

Jacket: Mossimo

Belt: Gap

Purse: Drika B.

Necklace: Claire’s

Shoes: Old Navy

*Vespas are more exciting than ’99 Corollas.


Join the Navy

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Boatneck tops.  French sailor shirts.  Bateau T.  Many names, basically the same style.  I’m looking to replace my well worn striped boatneck top that I bought at the Gap many moons ago.  I picked up this dress at Old Navy last month, but it hasn’t been warm enough to wear it, and it rides up if you try to wear it with leggings.

This L.L. Bean version is a classic, but I’m worried that the fit will be too boxy.  They aren’t exactly known for form fitting styles over there.

This one from the Gap is a bit dressier, and plays with the stripes.

In the April issue of Lucky, a Loft version is featured, but it doesn’t seem to be available on their website (I wonder if I’m too early or too late?)

Is it weird to want to buy all of them?

Images: oldnavy.com, llbean.com, gap.com


Fun With The Dress Form: Fancy Weekend

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I own a dress form (technically, a mannequin, but that doesn’t sound as artsy).  I own clothes.  I like to put together outfits.  I am such an artistic control freak that I don’t trust someone else to take pictures of me in outfits.  Also, it’s more fun to style on a dress form.

May I present to you, the new weekly feature: “Fun With the Dress Form”.



Imagine that you are someone who spends your weekends doing something other than sitting around in comfy pants, eating Mallomars dipped in peanut butter while watching the third season of Gilmore Girls on DVD.  Imagine that you go out to brunch, followed by a trip to the farmers’ market.  This would be a great outfit to wear.

Scarf: Old Navy, Spring ’10

Sweatshirt: J.Crew, Winter ’09

T-Shirt: Vintage rock band

Cords: J.Crew, Fall ’09

Books: Seychelles, Fall ’09