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The Monte Cristo

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Have you ever wanted to sprinkle powdered sugar on your sandwich? If so, the Monte Cristo may be just what you’re looking for. It utilizes the trifecta of sweet/savory/pan-fried and the result is pretty tasty (and pretty filling). I have to say that I thought making one would be tricky or involve special-ordering ingredients, but that was before I actually looked up the recipe. Basically, if you can make a grilled cheese and french toast, you can make this sandwich.

Most of the ingredients that go into the sandwich are probably in your kitchen right now. The two “unusual” ingredients are red currant jelly and Emmentaler cheese, but I was able to find these at my regular grocery store.

Putting the whole sandwich together was as easy as making a grilled cheese. I watched this segment from a local TV show for tips on making the perfect Monte Cristo. The suggestion to brush the egg/milk on top of the bread rather than dunk it was really helpful. I don’t own any basting brushes, so I just spooned small amounts on the bread. I will say that getting the jelly to stay on the sandwich was kind of annoying- jelly does not have the same consistency as jam, so it just kept falling off. Since I now have enough ingredients to eat Monte Cristos all week long, I’ll work on my technique.