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Ocean View



I still miss Blueprint magazine.  I own all nine issues, and I still refer back to them.  Last month, Kirsten at Simply Grove blogged about a house tour originally featured in Blueprint, that is now available at Martha Stewart.  So, I pulled out issue number three (the best issue, btw) and read the article.  My favorite picture is the one above, I love that beach scene!

The oversize photo was take by the house’s owner, Tosca Radigonda, at an Italian beach.  Ms. Radigonda is a professional photographer, but a Google search leads me to the conclusion that this work isn’t for sale.

All of my Google searching led me to the work of Massimo Vitali, who has made a name for himself with his own photographs of Italian beach scenes.


This photo is listed for 25,000 Euros at the gallery that represents him.  I don’t even want to convert that to US dollars.  Actually, it would be cheaper for me to buy a fancy camera, fly to Italy, and have my photo enlarged.  I find it so frustrating that a photograph can go for so much- was the negative destroyed?  This is why people roll their eyes at high end art.

Regardless, the photographs of beach scenes are very inspiring.  Who doesn’t want to think about a sunny day at the beach?  I wonder if the beaches of Seattle would look this good…

Photos via Martha Stewart and Bonni Benrubi Gallery