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Moccasins On My Mind

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So, my favorite pair of shoes is actually my slippers.  Don’t worry, my favorite pair of pants isn’t sweatpants, I just have a thing for comfortable shoes.  My moccasin-style slippers are strictly in-house, though, so I’ve been looking for something to wear when I hit the streets.

These Moccasins from Manimal are the most traditional looking, and I love the ribcage detail on the front of the shoe.  I also like how soft and flexible they look; most moccasins I’ve seen in stores are like suede penny loafers, with a hard, inflexible sole.

This Trail Boot from Arrow Moccasin Company is nice and sleek looking.  I can see it paired with shorts or leggings.  I also like the shine of the leather, and think it would wear quite nicely.

So, I only learned about Quoddy because of their partnership with J.Crew, but I totally dig these Ring Boots.  There is just this awesome mix of rugged traditional and edgy contemporary.

All of these shoes are handmade in the USA, which at a minimum, helps justify the cost.  But, it’s also nice to know that these shoes were made with skill and attention, when so many shoes fall apart quickly.