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Cute Cruisers

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On our road trip last month, we were able to stay with our dear friends in Southern California for a few days, who were gracious enough to indulge my need to sight see. We hit up Old Town Pasadena, which is a great place to window shop, and walked into a pop up shop for Linus Bikes.

I was immediately taken with the clean lines and classic colors of these Venice, CA made bikes. It was hard to turn down a test ride around the block, and even harder to not impulsively buy one on the spot! Our friend Frank even offered to lend us his bike carrier for the 24 hour drive home. Alas, practicality won out in the end (they ARE sold in our area), but I’ve had cruisers on my mind ever since. Do you ever imagine yourself pedaling down the road with a smile on your face and a wicker basket filled with pastries and fresh flowers?

I’m also taken with the fashion label bikes that have been getting attention over the last few years (and a classic tandem to boot!).

1st Row: G by Guess, Schwinn, Lilly Pulitzer.

2nd Row: Kate Spade, Liberty of London, Alexander Girard

Top photos: Gretchen Lilly


Web Extras

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Have you heard about retailers setting up websites devoted to inspiration?  An article in Inside Out brought this to my attention.  Anthropologie and Kate Spade have each set up websites separate from their e-commerce sites that feature inspiring photographs and stories.

The Anthropologist currently features photographs, film, and stories from three artists.  None of the art is product placement, or seems to have anything to do with the store; rather, the focus is on art and inspiration.  Donna DiMari’s photos and audio clips tell the story of her two dogs, David Eustace’s photos and film document a road trip taken with his daughter, and Andrew Zuckerman has done a series of video profiles on people he trusts.

Images: Donna DeMari

Images: David Eustace

Behind the Curtain is the theme of KateSpade.info.  Want to know all the details of what happens during photo shoots, or what inspires the folks at Kate Spade?  This website is colorful and fun, just like the Kate Spade brand.

Images: katespade.info

It’s fun to see what gets the folks at these stores inspired.  Stores like these often help set the trends, so it’s a treat to get ahead of the curve.