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Free Closet Makeover


I came across this closet transformation by Freckles Chick via Nicole at Making It Lovely a few weeks ago, and it inspired me to look at my own closet.  Even though the space itself is large enough, I really hadn’t set it up too well when we moved in a year ago.  I’ve been known to suffer from Wardrobe Amnesia- if I can’t see it, I forget I own it, and I never wear it.  My focus was to have my purses and accessories in view, and easy to reach.  I’m doing my annual “Don’t buy anything in April.” experiment, so all of the changes I made were simply rearranging things and using some unused organizational items.


Okay, all of the focus is on storage bins that store stuff I rarely use.  Meanwhile, my purses, scarves, and belts are hiding.


Oh, it’s so nice to feel more organized!  I can see all of my purses and bags, and there is a place for everything.  I tucked the smaller storage bins under the little table, and the larger bin (quilt we haven’t used in a year) and garment bags (flight attendant uniform) are going to our storage unit.

I may buy some things later on to improve upon this, but in the meantime, I’m quite happy with the new look.