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FLW in the PNW


Frank Lloyd Wright is quite possibly one of the most famous architects of all time. He’s best known for building homes in the Midwest and on the East Coast (and his winter home in Arizona, blogged about back in February 2010), and I assumed that is where all of his buildings are. I was shocked to learn that there are two Wright homes in the Seattle area- AND they are both currently for sale!

The Tracy House on Puget Sound:

And as much as I love the water, this cozy little place in the woods is my favorite of the two:

Notice the furniture that was designed to go with the homes- I especially love the long benches.

So if you have over a million dollars budgeted out for your next home, you can own a Frank Lloyd Wright.

Listings found at SeattleModern.com which is a great place to geek out on mid-century and modern houses on the market.





Taliesin West.  I’ve been there.  I’m someone who has been inside of a Frank Lloyd Wright building.  I’ve seen pictures and video of different buildings, but you need to go inside of something he designed to get the whole story.

We took a 90 minute tour, which is their most popular, and for good reason.  Our tour guide, Diedre, gave a great presentation, and wasn’t afraid to tell the whole story (like, Frank could be a bit of a jerk-face).  We got to see all around the house/ campus, and even got to go inside the living room and bedroom.  They don’t allow photographs inside either of these rooms, because people were selling unauthorized photos online.  They do have a postcard of the living room in the gift shop, which I snatched up.

There are heaps of books and films devoted to Mr. Wright, and so I don’t really feel it necessary to go on about how amazing his work was.  Oh, and I’ve decided that I will become a “Wright Head” and drive around the country in a VW bus to see his works.

*Fun Fact: He was born Frank Lincoln Wright, but changed his middle name to Lloyd, his mother’s maiden name, to show support for her after his parents’ divorce.  He would initial his work F.L.L.W.