Tag: Elle Decor March 2007


Cover Inspiration


This Elle Decor cover from March 2007 still feels so fresh and interesting:

So I looked around to see what I could put together for a similar vibe and a more reasonable price point:

Tapestry ($183), Embroidered Pillow ($15), Ikat Pillow ($36 for 2), Sofa ($2,199)

For anyone out there that is feeling stumped about putting together an area of your home, try browsing the covers of shelter magazines. Most are available online, or you can check out a bunch from the library. Once you find a look you like, spend an hour or two browsing the interwebs to find similar pieces from the major retailers, Etsy, and E Bay. You can even break it into small chunks of time and just search for a particular item. If time is on your side, check out your local thrift shops. It is possible to take the expensive looks featured in magazines and translate them to a regular-person budget, you just need a specific focus and some time to looks.