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Four Months Later…

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I bought this dress at Old Navy back in February, and the weather around here has been so cold and rainy that it has just sat in my closet with the tag on.  We actually had a warm, sunny day this weekend; I knew what I had to wear.

The B. Makowsky sandals are new, I just got them at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  I’d never heard of this brand before, but they are really comfortable, and the leather is really soft.  The sunglasses are Ray Ban, and the purse is Coach.  The necklace is from Claire’s; I bought it back in college, and is the most complemented piece of jewelry I’ve ever had.  Rope bracelet “on loan” from my momma.

Photo: Gretchen Lilly


Fun With the Dress Form: Mid 70s

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When it comes to fashion history, I think the 70s take the prize for everyday glamour.  Hair was shiny and full of volume.  Gold jewelry everywhere.  Jeans that made your legs go on for miles.  This outfit captures that 70s glamour, but doesn’t look too dated.

Scarf: Banana Republic

Purse: Coach

Dress: Vintage (available here)

Belt: Gap

Shoes: Seychelles

(Image: Gretchen Lilly)


Fun With the Dress Form: Dreaming of Paris

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When you live in Paris, you have no choice but to be chic and fashionable.  At least, that’s the impression I’ve gotten from everything I’ve read about the place.  I’ve also read that Americans stick out in an embarrassing way.  Hopefully this outfit won’t get you too many eye rolls Francais.

Top: A.P.C.

Skirt: Martin+Osa

Shoes: TOMS

Necklace: Claire’s

Purse: Coach


Fun With the Dress Form: Audrey Aspirations

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There is something about black leggings and flats that will always bring to mind Audrey Hepburn.  Cut some bangs and throw your hair up in a ponytail to complete the look, and wait for people to do a double take at the mall.

Top: A.P.C.

Sunglasses: Coach

Bag: Coach

Leggings: Ann Taylor Loft

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell