Farmers Market LA

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The Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax is one of those places you visit on vacation where you forget you’re a tourist. You start thinking about stopping by after work, or meeting a friend for coffee there on the weekend. It’s a tourist attraction, yes, but there isn’t a lack of locals.



California Trip- The Getty


The Getty Center in Los Angeles is a place where life is just a little more beautiful; there is a stillness all over the grounds, the sun shines a little brighter, and architecture speaks for itself.

Photos: Gretchen Lilly

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Hydrangea Walk

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This breathtaking home in Chatham, MA, known as Hydrangea Walk, has me daydreaming about a life of luxury on the East Coast. Check out the amazing before and after photos here.

Photos: Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders


Invite Your Animal Friends

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Can you guess what all of these photos have in common?

Jenny Komenda

Kim Jeffery for Design Sponge at Home via SFGate

Furbish Studio

Mark Iantosca for Teen Vogue

Lee Jofa

Why yes, they all have little animal friends incorporated into the decor. Even something as small as the little snail figurines seen in Jenny’s photo above can add just the right amount of, dare I say, whimsy to your room. I’m not really one for serious design- life is short and all that- and a little animal element really lets a visitor know that your home is a place to relax and have fun. Don’t believe me? Which Friend was the most fun (Joey). And who owned the sculpture of a greyhound? I rest my case.



Neon & Neutral

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Mixing your neutrals with a splash of neon just seems like the perfect way to make the standard winter wardrobe that much more enjoyable. As someone who lived through the neon craze of the late 80s/ early 90s, I’m in no rush to throw on head to toe neon, but I can appreciate the element of fun neon brings to clothing and decor. Where would you add a little neon in your life?

1. Mossimo Windbreaker

2. Clare Vivier Clutch

3. Studio Bin Scarf

4. Kate Spade Notepad

5. Shop Ampersand Print

6. Sperry Top-Sider Shoes

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While My Guitar Gently…

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I’ve been learning guitar for the past month or so. Well, learning guitar AND learning that the expression “Out of sight, out of mind” is so, so true. See, when the guitar is out of sight, practicing is not on my mind. So, I did some digging for interiors that incorporate guitars.

Rita Konig

Little Green Notebook

House and Home, Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy

Design Sponge

I think the key is combining form and function. The guitars in these rooms are all really easy to access, but they don’t take away from the rest of the elements.

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Cute Cruisers

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On our road trip last month, we were able to stay with our dear friends in Southern California for a few days, who were gracious enough to indulge my need to sight see. We hit up Old Town Pasadena, which is a great place to window shop, and walked into a pop up shop for Linus Bikes.

I was immediately taken with the clean lines and classic colors of these Venice, CA made bikes. It was hard to turn down a test ride around the block, and even harder to not impulsively buy one on the spot! Our friend Frank even offered to lend us his bike carrier for the 24 hour drive home. Alas, practicality won out in the end (they ARE sold in our area), but I’ve had cruisers on my mind ever since. Do you ever imagine yourself pedaling down the road with a smile on your face and a wicker basket filled with pastries and fresh flowers?

I’m also taken with the fashion label bikes that have been getting attention over the last few years (and a classic tandem to boot!).

1st Row: G by Guess, Schwinn, Lilly Pulitzer.

2nd Row: Kate Spade, Liberty of London, Alexander Girard

Top photos: Gretchen Lilly


Open Tabs

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Do you keep loads of tabs open in your browser? Me too. Here’s what’s been open on my desktop this week:

Photo: Arsi Ikäheimonen


Vintage Microcars

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The snow just keeps piling up around here, which means I haven’t left the house since Tuesday (luckily my work has been closed due to weather!). One thing that has kept the cabin fever at bay is diving deep into the archives of my favorite blogs. I have to thank Jordan from Oh Happy Day! for mentioning her love of microcars- I’ve always loved the look of these cute little vehicles, but did not know the term for them. There is something so visually appealing about the gentle curves and soft colors found on these cars- almost like little scoops of ice cream coming down the road!

Let me tell you, searching for “microcar” on eBay will have you examining your bank account to see if you can afford one (especially since three of the current listings are in Washington!). Luckily, Brian finds them just as cute as I do, so we’re making plans to buy a couple of acres, built a dozen or so garages, and just live in a camper to support our vintage car habit. Also, who knew that Vespa made a car?!

Sources: Isetta/360/Multipla/400


Settle Into The Snow

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Our first snow of the season fell this weekend in the Seattle area, and we’re due for more (much worse!) in the next few days. We only get a good snow every few years, and I still get excited every time. I’ve never lived in a place where snow is a regular part of winter; I’m sure it gets old after a while, but it sure does soften the look of everything.

This resort in Finland looks like a great place to experience winter weather during both the day and the night.

Photos from the Hotel & Igloo Village Kakslauttanen. They also have a (year round!) Santa village and a rather cozy honeymoon cottage. This resort is north of the Arctic Circle- can you imagine watching the Northern Lights from your cozy bed? I’d love to take a trip to Finland some day, since my Finnish heritage is the strongest part of my background (only 1/16th, but the rest of me is generic European). Hmm, I hear Iceland Air has some great deals…