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From the greenhouses at the University of Washington:

All photos: Gretchen Lilly


Vintage Microcars

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The snow just keeps piling up around here, which means I haven’t left the house since Tuesday (luckily my work has been closed due to weather!). One thing that has kept the cabin fever at bay is diving deep into the archives of my favorite blogs. I have to thank Jordan from Oh Happy Day! for mentioning her love of microcars- I’ve always loved the look of these cute little vehicles, but did not know the term for them. There is something so visually appealing about the gentle curves and soft colors found on these cars- almost like little scoops of ice cream coming down the road!

Let me tell you, searching for “microcar” on eBay will have you examining your bank account to see if you can afford one (especially since three of the current listings are in Washington!). Luckily, Brian finds them just as cute as I do, so we’re making plans to buy a couple of acres, built a dozen or so garages, and just live in a camper to support our vintage car habit. Also, who knew that Vespa made a car?!

Sources: Isetta/360/Multipla/400


Christmas Loot Look

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The shoes were the Christmas gift from my little brothers (siblings working at Nordstrom is a GOOD thing (yes, I told them to get this for me)). The pants were my Christmas present from Brian (he surprised me by getting these after I blogged about them here). I love how well they work together- it’s true, animal prints DO work as a neutral!

I kind of feel like I could jump up on the coffee table at any moment and start doing the frug when I wear this.

In other brightly colored clothing news:

I can’t get this ensemble out of my head. Nordstrom, you may be my new J. Crew.*

Photos: Gretchen Lilly,

*I still love the look of J. Crew, but the quality of their garments has really taken a nose dive- I can’t get behind spending $40 for a shirt that starts falling apart after five wearings! I have shirts from Target that have done better!


Orange You Glad

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Thanksgiving seems to represent not just the time of year we stop and say thanks, but also the last hurrah of fall. The day after Thanksgiving is the official start of the Christmas season in the States, and with it, color schemes of green and red, blue and white. Orange is a color that is usually thought of as wacky or silly, but is totally natural and appropriate in the fall. So, before we move into winter, one last look at orange:

Credits (clockwise from top left): Kevin Sharkey, Bo Bedre, Domino (via beachbungalow8), This is Naive