Off Season Shopping

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Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas is before us, and winter is (unofficially) all around us. Here in the PacNW the temperature is dropping and we always seem to have rain somewhere in the five day forecast. To offset the urge to hitchhike down to Palm Springs and start my career as a cocktail waitress, I indulge in retail therapy like buying boots and sweaters (Shopbop sales, anyone?).

In addition to deals on winter goods, there are currently lots of great summer shoes on deep discounts all over the place. These two beauties were all over the bloggy-sphere last spring, and I nearly pulled the trigger on both of these a number of times, but my fear of paying full price always stopped me. The temptation may just be too great now that some of these shoes are more than 50% off.

Do you make a habit of off-season shopping? I guess the one thing that holds me back is wondering if the style will still be “in” next year. Well, that, and I seem to have the memory of a fruit fly and can’t conceptualize strolling out of the house in shorts once it drops below 70.

Shoes: Loeffler Randall Inge Ankle Wrap Clog, and Swedish Hasbeen Braided Sky High (Both on sale right now!)


Classic Jane

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Oh boy, was I happy to see this at Value Village:

February 1999. Hmm, I was probably strutting around campus with my letter jacket (dance team and drama club, yo).

I kind of regret throwing out my old issues of Jane, but I think I’d just watched an episode of Oprah about simplifying your life, blah, blah, etc. Good magazine, though. Also, total kudos to an early 90s episode of Clarissa Explains it All that devoted an entire episode to mocking Jane Pratt (Clarissa wins a visit from the editor of Cheeky magazine, who only talks about herself). Who knew back then that she’d go on to name a publication after herself! Seriously, though, good magazine; I’d buy issues at the campus bookstore as a little pick me up.

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Large Purse, Large Print

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I may have literally ran across the store when I spotted this. On sale right now at the Gap (I don’t see it online, so check your local stores).

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The Price Tag to Prove It!

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I was cruising Target the other day to pick up, oh, I don’t know… toothpaste or something, and I spotted this fun little pair of flats.  The shoes and toothpaste are nowhere near each other at my local Target- I confess to taking a lap of the store just for funsies.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought shoes from Target- cheap shoes usually leave my feet with blisters and an ache- but considering these shoes cost just a bit more than the two-pack of toothpaste I was there to pick up, I threw caution to the wind and bought these as well.

I wore them out shopping, and they did rub my feet a bit red, but I also own more expensive shoes that have done the same.  I’ll file this away under “bargains”.