The Secret to a Fancy Dinner at Home

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First off, let me say that at least 95% of the meals Brian and I eat at home are on the couch. Sometimes we sit on the floor with our plates on the coffee table (which I consider a way of embracing the dining customs of other cultures ♥).

At least once every few months we decide to have a fancy dinner, which is typically either a nice cut of steak with grilled red onions, or “seafood extravaganza” (lobster tails, shrimp, and salmon). I try to replicate the restaurant experience by using cloth napkins and our best dishes, and serving dessert. It wasn’t until we decided one evening to have coffee with our dessert that the meal really reminded each of us of our dinners out at nice restaurants- the waiter always offers coffee with dessert, and we always say yes!

It seems like the time spend sipping coffee after a meal is the perfect way to wrap up your conversation while letting your subconscious know that it’s almost time to get back to the real world (and give you a little caffeine boost to clean up the kitchen).

Do you like to serve coffee (or any hot beverage) after dinner?

Photo: Gretchen Lilly

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