Sunny Sunday Morning

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I’ve made a significant amount of progress on my mini bedroom makeover. I bought the nightstands and pillowcases from West Elm, as well as the art from Ikea. I spontaneously picked up these lamps while I was at Ikea, but then I saved money by “borrowing” the curtains from my mom, and using the solid blue side of my Liberty of London for Target quilt I picked up a few years ago.

I love how symmetrical and bright and new everything is, which motivates me to make the bed and tidy up every morning (I’m not always the best with housekeeping). The bed faces the door, so as I enter the bedroom throughout the day, I get a little rush, like I’m walking into a hotel room, which further motivates me to keep the room looking nice.

The new look for the bedroom also just makes it so much more fun to hang out in there! Our long holiday weekend came to a close yesterday, but we were able to milk a little more leisure time out of it by lounging around all morning in our jammies.

Have you found that a room makeover (large or small) has changed the way you feel about a space? I think we all can have emotional reactions to beautifully photographed rooms, or even seeing a piece of furniture in person; does living in a “new” space change how you feel day to day?

Photos: Gretchen Lilly

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  1. Krys says:

    I really like the “borrowed” curtains! Sparks up the entire room.

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