New Food Obsession: Macarons

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Last week I learned some potentially life-changing news: macarons are naturally gluten free! As someone with a gluten sensitivity, I get even more excited over naturally gluten free foods than specially made gluten free foods because it means I can just chow down with everyone else (this is also why I love In-N-Out burgers, it isn’t a big thing to get my burger without the bun). I joked that I would name my forthcoming muffin top after the friend who told me I can eat macarons, but there aren’t too many bakeries that carry this little cookie, so my waistline may be safe for a while.

For those of you with gluten issues, please note that macarons could be made on equipment shared with wheat and gluten, and everyone’s bodies reacts differently. I tend to be okay with food shared on equipment, but everyone is different!

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