Are You Being Served? Gift Guide

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We all have our guilty pleasures, and one of mine is the British TV Comedy Are You Being Served? The premise is simple: on the first floor of the London department store Grace Brothers the ladies’ undergarments and gents’ ready-made suits departments share a space, and the employees in those departments manage to get in to different situations every week. The show is a bit silly, and I’ve yet to meet a British person that didn’t roll their eyes when I confessed my love of the show. But what can I say, I’ve been watching re-runs of this show for the past fifteen years on PBS and it’s like comfort food!

Hands down, the best part of the show is the distinctive theme song, where the lift operator sings out all of the departments on each floor to a groovy 70s bass line. Which leads us to the gift guide I’ve put together based on the theme song. There are three floors at Grace Brothers, so I’ve rounded up three days worth of ideas. Enjoy day one (the ground floor)!

Perfume, Stationary, Bag, Wig, Garland*, Braiser, Pie of the Month Club

*In the UK Habidashery is thread, buttons, and ribbons, but I just couldn’t get excited about sewing supplies!

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