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Downtown Riverside

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Mabel took us to downtown Riverside to check out the Mission Inn on our last day of the trip. I wasn’t expecting such an amazing experience; there is so much history in this hotel, and I felt like I was wandering around a European museum. Our trip was also exciting because Mabel just kept opening doors and going past the signs that read “Hotel Guests Only”. If there was a door, she tried to open it! I know I wouldn’t have done that on my own, but we saw so many cool things because of her- thanks Mabel!

The reception area; stained glass detail in a banquet room.

The previously mentioned banquet room (love the ceiling!); stained glass window in the Presidential Lounge.

The center courtyard; Mabel trying to open a door.

What’s that? Only an effin chapel at a hotel!

Our reward for sneaking up to the third floor: awesome vistas.

The next block over from the hotel is the downtown Riverside library, which Mabel accurately predicted I would like.

The zig-zags on that staircase made my heart skip a beat.

I’m guessing Riverside isn’t in the top ten of tourist destinations in California, but I was really happy to walk around the downtown, and I’d love to stay at the Mission Inn some day.


Gift: Cocktail Napkins

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Let’s take a break from my vacation photos and have a looksie at the beautiful present my sister Marta made me.

Thank you, Marta, for such a lovely present. I can’t wait to have cocktails with you to try these bad boys out!


Eight Thousand Feet and Counting

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So I managed to take around 400 pictures while we were in California for three and a half days, which means I have way more photos to share! This could turn into a five part series if I’m not careful.

We went up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which goes up to the top of Mt. San Jacinto (elevation 8,516 feet). In general, it’s usually 20 degrees cooler at the top than it is in the city, so everyone brings sweatshirts. I could also feel myself getting winded kind of quickly, which we will also blame on the elevation, and not the fact that I haven’t been to the gym in a few months.

As the great Emily Henderson would say, “I’m a giant!”

A little bit of the NW in PS.

Proof that you can get reception at the top.

All photos by Gretchen Lilly.


Palm Springs Birthday

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We had a long weekend in California, and I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in one of my favorite cities, Palm Springs! We stayed at the Ace again, with our friends Frank and Mabel. The whole trip went by so quickly, and I had a great time, but I’m already thinking about going back because there are more things I want to see and do in PS.

When we visited last December, the weather was much colder, and the sky was a little gray, so I was really happy to see Palm Springs in the sunshine.

The food and drinks at Las Casuelas were perfect for a birthday dinner.

The pool was bumpin’ because there was a shoot going on for American Eagle at the hotel, and all of the folks involved were staying there, AND there was some sort of hipster bowling alley reality show previewing that night.

My new camera made documenting the trip really fun, although “paparazzi” was thrown my way a few times. I have loads more photos to share from the trip, so check in later.

All photos by Gretchen Lilly.


West Elm Opening

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Marta and I went to the West Elm Seattle pre-opening party last night, and I brought my camera to document it.

I thought I was going to buy some stuff, but it was very crowded and the lines at the register were very long. I plan on going back to check it out under normal circumstances.

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