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A Chemex coffee maker.

I noticed one of these in a recent West Elm catalog, and my first thought was positive: “Wow, how beautiful.” But my second thought was negative: “West Elm always shows such cool vintage stuff and I have no way of knowing what they are called or where to find them.”

Flash forward to last week when I entered “mid-century modern” into ebay and a couple of these puppies turned up! I was even more psyched to learn that they still make them, and you can buy them new (just google the name and you’ll see). This little string of events was particularly fortuitous because Brian had mentioned that he wants to get a coffee maker like my parents’. No, they don’t have a Chemex, (if they did, this whole post would be moot, wouldn’t it?) but one that operates in the same fashion, while being less fashion-able. Perhaps this new coffee maker will distract from the blandness that is our flat surface electric range?

Image: Anjali Prasertong on The Kitchn

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