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Thinking About Nightgowns

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Oh, I love watching Downton Abbey on PBS. The story has some great twists and turns, and visually- the house, the grounds, the costumes- so stunning. I’ve been especially interested in the looks the ladies have been sporting to bed:

I’ve been wishing that I had long, shiny hair that I could just braid and secure with a ribbon. That’s gonna take some time, so maybe I’ll satisfy myself with one of these vintage-inspired nightgowns:

L.L. Bean Vintage Flannel Nightgown

Peruvian Connection First Frost Nightgown

Peruvian Connection Empresses Nightgown


Rug Swap

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Ever since I bought new curtains from West Elm, I’ve felt the need to change the look of the bedroom. There were just too many prints happening in that room. So, with Brian’s help, I switched the rugs in the living room and bedroom.


The photos don’t fully do it justice, but this little switch has made a big difference. The bedroom isn’t so busy looking, and the living room is big enough to handle the printed rug. Also, the printed rug is nice and squishy, which I think we’ll appreciate more in the new spot.


Curling Photos

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I was just at Borders, and the current issue of the Canadian magazine Cottage Life caught my eye:

I actually have been curling once in my life; a curling club in Seattle was holding an open house. The sport doesn’t get much respect here in the States, but it takes a lot of skill, and there’s something beautiful and calm about it.

A few more curling photos:

via: The Curling News

via: Stop Worrying

via: Image Shack

via: The Daily Mail


Chalkboard Inspiration

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I’d already packed away the Christmas decorations around the house, but my Christmas design on the front door chalkboard was still up. I just wasn’t sure what to put up next. Then yesterday, Kelley Moore posted a link on her Facebook page to a post on 100 Layer Cake about Dana Tanamachi. Dana’s chalkboard artwork and lettering is beautiful, and it guided me in my latest chalkboard design.

Every morning around here we go through a quick checklist before heading out the door, so I figured that a visual representation could only help us each get to work on time (truth be told, the checklist is really just for Brian, I’m excellent in the memory department).

It was fun to break out of my usual script-style of writing and do some block lettering. Definitely need some more practice, though.

Images: Dana Tanamachi, Gretchen Lilly


Running Away From Winter

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I’ve been wanting to stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs since Laure blogged about staying there back in August of 2009. Oh boy, did I want to go there. Well, I devised little scheme that involved driving down to Palm Springs in our 1980 Mercedes station wagon, sleeping in said wagon, driving without the assistance of cruise control, and making do with air vents that like to blow cold air when it is cold outside and warm air when it is warm outside. I pitched my little scheme, and Brian was in (it didn’t hurt that both of our places of employment were closed between Christmas and New Years).

The motto for the trip was: “Don’t stop driving until it’s sunny” and we didn’t see sun until our second day on the road. It just got nicer and sunnier until we arrived in Palm Springs.

Except, our first full day in Palm Springs was basically rainy and windy.

However, bad weather in Palm Springs is the type of weather people in Seattle will wear shorts and flip flops in (I’m not kidding) so we had fun driving around looking at all of the mid-century modern architecture.

We stopped in Santa Rosa for New Year’s Eve, and stayed at the Fountaingrove Inn, a place I stayed as a flight attendant.

I ate what was probably the fanciest meal of my life, the highlight being the lavender creme brule for dessert, at the hotel restaurant.

We’ve been back home for a week now, but I’m already scheming on how to go back to Palm Springs and Santa Rosa for some more vacation time.