J’adore J. Crew

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When I was 13, I was awkward.  I wasn’t falling-over-things awkward (years of dance lessons had made me graceful).  I was awkward in the sense that I really didn’t know who I was, and who I wanted to be, and a big part of that was how I wanted to dress.  I had this feeling that if I could just figure out how I wanted to look, the rest of my life would fall into place.  I’d spend the latter years of elementary school dressing like Clarissa Darling, but I knew it was time for more grown-up things.

Then one day, while at my grandparent’s I saw my Aunt Shauna’s J. Crew catalog on the coffee table.  A voice in my head said, “This is how you should dress.”  Long story short, I’ve followed that advice ever since.  I’ve just always jived with the look of J. Crew, and even when I haven’t been able to afford the clothes, I’ve used the catalogs as inspiration.

Last week I was checking our PO Box, and inside was the biggest J. Crew catalog I’ve ever seen.  It was basically a newspaper style set-up of their Collection for fall.  Once again, I’m in the position of not being able to afford most of the clothes featured, but I’ll be looking to the photos for inspiration.

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