Dandies and Quaintrelles

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One of my favourite things about my college experience was attending parties.  Frat parties, especially.  I just loved the free beer… okay, not really.  What I really loved were all of the THEMED parties.  There is just something about getting a few hundred people to dress up in themed costumes.  I didn’t realize themed parties could exist post-college until I came across the D.C. based social group Dandies and Quaintrelles.

Man, can those Dandies and Quaintrelles throw a costume party!  Their latest event was the Seersucker Social, where everyone dressed up in the cutest little summertime retro outfits they could get their hands on and rode around on tandem bicycles and played croquet.  Their website has a great video on the event.

It’s events like these that encourage me to keep fun, costume-y clothes around.  I’m also kicking myself for NOT buying seersucker from the Isaac Mizrahi for Target collection back in like 2007.

(All photos: maxedaperture via dcist.com)

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