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Web Extras

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Have you heard about retailers setting up websites devoted to inspiration?  An article in Inside Out brought this to my attention.  Anthropologie and Kate Spade have each set up websites separate from their e-commerce sites that feature inspiring photographs and stories.

The Anthropologist currently features photographs, film, and stories from three artists.  None of the art is product placement, or seems to have anything to do with the store; rather, the focus is on art and inspiration.  Donna DiMari’s photos and audio clips tell the story of her two dogs, David Eustace’s photos and film document a road trip taken with his daughter, and Andrew Zuckerman has done a series of video profiles on people he trusts.

Images: Donna DeMari

Images: David Eustace

Behind the Curtain is the theme of  Want to know all the details of what happens during photo shoots, or what inspires the folks at Kate Spade?  This website is colorful and fun, just like the Kate Spade brand.


It’s fun to see what gets the folks at these stores inspired.  Stores like these often help set the trends, so it’s a treat to get ahead of the curve.



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There’s just something about libraries that keeps me coming back- free books, perhaps?  Okay, I do appreciate the whole free concept of the library, but I also enjoy libraries for the spaces they are: a place to elevate yourself with learning (this is why older libraries all have stairs leading to the front entrance).  I also admire the architecture of libraries; the building needs to entice people to come in, but also set the tone of a place for quiet study.

Here are a few libraries from around the world:

Carnegie Public Library, Hokitika, New Zealand.

K.B. Center Library, Gorizia, Italy.

Ballard Library, Seattle, WA.

Waynoka Public Library, Waynoka, OK.

Carnegie Library, Dawson, GA.

Geisel Library, UC San Diego.

Downtown Seattle Library, Seattle, WA.




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Four Months Later…

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I bought this dress at Old Navy back in February, and the weather around here has been so cold and rainy that it has just sat in my closet with the tag on.  We actually had a warm, sunny day this weekend; I knew what I had to wear.

The B. Makowsky sandals are new, I just got them at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  I’d never heard of this brand before, but they are really comfortable, and the leather is really soft.  The sunglasses are Ray Ban, and the purse is Coach.  The necklace is from Claire’s; I bought it back in college, and is the most complemented piece of jewelry I’ve ever had.  Rope bracelet “on loan” from my momma.

Photo: Gretchen Lilly


Moccasins On My Mind

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So, my favorite pair of shoes is actually my slippers.  Don’t worry, my favorite pair of pants isn’t sweatpants, I just have a thing for comfortable shoes.  My moccasin-style slippers are strictly in-house, though, so I’ve been looking for something to wear when I hit the streets.

These Moccasins from Manimal are the most traditional looking, and I love the ribcage detail on the front of the shoe.  I also like how soft and flexible they look; most moccasins I’ve seen in stores are like suede penny loafers, with a hard, inflexible sole.

This Trail Boot from Arrow Moccasin Company is nice and sleek looking.  I can see it paired with shorts or leggings.  I also like the shine of the leather, and think it would wear quite nicely.

So, I only learned about Quoddy because of their partnership with J.Crew, but I totally dig these Ring Boots.  There is just this awesome mix of rugged traditional and edgy contemporary.

All of these shoes are handmade in the USA, which at a minimum, helps justify the cost.  But, it’s also nice to know that these shoes were made with skill and attention, when so many shoes fall apart quickly.