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Join the Navy

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Boatneck tops.  French sailor shirts.  Bateau T.  Many names, basically the same style.  I’m looking to replace my well worn striped boatneck top that I bought at the Gap many moons ago.  I picked up this dress at Old Navy last month, but it hasn’t been warm enough to wear it, and it rides up if you try to wear it with leggings.

This L.L. Bean version is a classic, but I’m worried that the fit will be too boxy.  They aren’t exactly known for form fitting styles over there.

This one from the Gap is a bit dressier, and plays with the stripes.

In the April issue of Lucky, a Loft version is featured, but it doesn’t seem to be available on their website (I wonder if I’m too early or too late?)

Is it weird to want to buy all of them?





The vegetation is starting to stir around here, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather of the past few weeks.  I want to add some more plants to my collection, but I don’t quite trust the weather around here (light snow has fallen in the past few days!) so I’m sticking with indoor plants.

I saw Tovah Martin talking about terrariums on Moment of Luxury a few weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to get her creations off my mind.  Her book, The New Terrarium, is filled with gorgeous, inventive takes on the classic garden.

Besides being so pretty, terrariums fascinate me because they are their own little ecosystem.  You add some water, place the top on, and the water evaporates and runs back down to the ground- just like the water cycle you learned about in school.

I think I’ll put some in my kitchen window; we have one of those greenhouse-style windows that stick out from the house.  It gets indirect sunlight all day, so it should be the perfect place for some mini-ecosystems.

Images: Natalie Caudill for Dallas Morning News,, Viva Terra


Cynthia Sargent

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Since I was a teenager, I’ve loved going to the downtown library to wander the extensive magazine section.  I stopped by last Friday, and came home with a few issues of Modernism Magazine.  The Spring 2009 issue has a great biography of textile artist Cynthia Sargent.  Ms. Sargent and her husband, Wendell Riggs, moved to Mexico from the East Coast in the 1950s, and established a studio and factory.  She designed the rugs and fabrics, he handled the business aspect.

Her life story is fascinating and inspiring.  Ardis Berghoff’s article isn’t available online, so you’ll need to track down the Spring 2009 issue to read up on Ms. Sargent.  There are some beautiful photos of the rugs from the Riggs-Sargent family collection in the article.

The ebay seller Una Vida Moderna currently has a vintage rug for sale, in addition to a reproduction.  The reproductions aren’t authorized (there aren’t any authorized reproductions), but they are made in the same factory as her original work.

These handmade rugs rugs are just as beautiful close up.  Ms. Sargent wanted people to use her rugs, not just look at them, and I can only imagine how great it would feel to walk barefoot on one.

Images: Treadway/Toomey Gallery, Una Vida Moderna blog, Una Vida Moderna ebay store


Fun With the Dress Form: Audrey Aspirations

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There is something about black leggings and flats that will always bring to mind Audrey Hepburn.  Cut some bangs and throw your hair up in a ponytail to complete the look, and wait for people to do a double take at the mall.

Top: A.P.C.

Sunglasses: Coach

Bag: Coach

Leggings: Ann Taylor Loft

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Spread the Word

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Take the pledge to be mindful of the words you use.  As someone who spends time with special needs kids, this has long been a pet peeve of mine.  Visit for more info.

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Ocean View



I still miss Blueprint magazine.  I own all nine issues, and I still refer back to them.  Last month, Kirsten at Simply Grove blogged about a house tour originally featured in Blueprint, that is now available at Martha Stewart.  So, I pulled out issue number three (the best issue, btw) and read the article.  My favorite picture is the one above, I love that beach scene!

The oversize photo was take by the house’s owner, Tosca Radigonda, at an Italian beach.  Ms. Radigonda is a professional photographer, but a Google search leads me to the conclusion that this work isn’t for sale.

All of my Google searching led me to the work of Massimo Vitali, who has made a name for himself with his own photographs of Italian beach scenes.


This photo is listed for 25,000 Euros at the gallery that represents him.  I don’t even want to convert that to US dollars.  Actually, it would be cheaper for me to buy a fancy camera, fly to Italy, and have my photo enlarged.  I find it so frustrating that a photograph can go for so much- was the negative destroyed?  This is why people roll their eyes at high end art.

Regardless, the photographs of beach scenes are very inspiring.  Who doesn’t want to think about a sunny day at the beach?  I wonder if the beaches of Seattle would look this good…

Photos via Martha Stewart and Bonni Benrubi Gallery