Low and Slow

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When we were in Arizona, Brit made this amazing dinner- a Tex-Mex style salad with Tomatillo Ranch dressing.  Her inspiration came from a chain of restaurants in Arizona and Utah, Cafe Rio.  The other day, I had an out of the blue flashback  to that meal; I had to create it.  I did some digging around the internet and found some recipes.  I decided to go with the Sweet Pork Barbacoa salad with Tomatillo Ranch Dressing.

I used this recipe for the pork, these directions on how long to cook it in my Dutch oven, and this recipe for the dressing.  I ended up changing the pork rub a bit- I used salt, pepper and brown sugar.  I also poured half a bottle of hard cider in, and placed aluminum foil under the lid, almost touching the meat (this helps keep the heat in).  I’d forgotten how easy slow cooking is- you only need to spend a few minutes getting everything in the pot, and then it just cooks down.

I invited Marta over for dinner, and she and Brian both gave it the thumbs up, so I’ve put this recipe on my short list.


Marta brought over these GF sandwich cookies for dessert.  I ate them like the Cookie Monster.

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