Dining Table Fantasies

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I’d like to think that I’d have the cutest little apartment in the world- if I only had the money (of course, I wouldn’t live in an apartment if I had the money, but let’s get back on track).  Of course, money does not equal style, but I’m pretty confident that I have a good enough eye to put stuff together.


My reality is a budget that involves searching for decorating deals and hand me downs.  We’ve actually been pretty lucky with the furniture people have given us; well made, solid stuff.  Brian’s grandparents owned this dining set, and then his parents.  The major pros for this table are how sturdy it is, how timeless the design is, and that it can seat six with all the leaves.  The cons are the stains (meaning a mash up of wood stain), the upholstery, and the table legs.  The stain and upholstery are pretty easy to explain away- styles change.  The legs are what bug me the most- when you sit at the head of the table, it is impossible to stick your feet out, since the legs on this table are more like a fence.  Of course, I usually forget this after a few minutes, and have stubbed my toes too many times to count.

Inspirations for changing the dining set:


I like how this set is simple in the color palate, but the white chairs contrasting with the dark table top keep it interesting (image: Canadian House and Home).


This is a coffee table, but I lu-huv the hairpin legs.  I think this would be the simplest way to transform our table (image: tuderhoff.etsy.com).


Hairpinlegs.com only sells one thing! Image: hairpinlegs.com


Again, I’m digging the non-matching set (image: Canadian House and Home).


It’s all about the shape of the furniture and the color of the wood.  Not sure if our table has the lines to pull of something this simple (image: Canadian House and Home).


More Danish inspiration.  I could see our chairs upholstered this color and painted high gloss white (image: tuderhoff.etsy.com).


We could paint the tabletop and leave wood on the sides.  Drooling over the chairs (Image: Canadian House and Home).

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