Hutch Update

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Back in October, I blogged about turning a bookcase into a china hutch.  I didn’t really have much worth displaying, but I’ve picked up a few things in the past week that I’m happy to show off.


I got to Target at 8AM sharp last Sunday (I remembered Daylight Saving Time and everything!) and picked up this Liberty of London teapot and mugs (among other things).  Yes, I bought three mugs on purpose.  Because groupings of three look good, that’s why!


Behold my new GurglePot.  I found it at Value Village yesterday!  I’ve seen these in shops, and I’ve (kind of) wanted one because I like the design and I was intrigued at the idea of a noise making pitcher.  I don’t know if I’m pouring it wrong (is that possible?) or because it’s a small one, but the gurgling it makes is like one second long.  Oh well, it coordinates with the fabric on the hutch (total accident) and it was only $2.99!  If you visit the GurglePot website there is an audio of the pitcher being poured.

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