Fun With The Dress Form: Fancy Weekend

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I own a dress form (technically, a mannequin, but that doesn’t sound as artsy).  I own clothes.  I like to put together outfits.  I am such an artistic control freak that I don’t trust someone else to take pictures of me in outfits.  Also, it’s more fun to style on a dress form.

May I present to you, the new weekly feature: “Fun With the Dress Form”.



Imagine that you are someone who spends your weekends doing something other than sitting around in comfy pants, eating Mallomars dipped in peanut butter while watching the third season of Gilmore Girls on DVD.  Imagine that you go out to brunch, followed by a trip to the farmers’ market.  This would be a great outfit to wear.

Scarf: Old Navy, Spring ’10

Sweatshirt: J.Crew, Winter ’09

T-Shirt: Vintage rock band

Cords: J.Crew, Fall ’09

Books: Seychelles, Fall ’09

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