Bubble Lamp

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I just finished making this pendant lamp yesterday, and I’m quite happy with myself.  I keep forgetting it’s in my bedroom now, so every time I walk in, I get a nice surprise.  I’m really happy with how it looks, and not just because I made it.  It provides a lot more light than the last lamp we had in the corner AND it is helping my bedroom not look like an Ikea catalogue.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the stuff they have to offer, I just want to avoid the too-much-Ikea look.

So, way back in March, Anna at Door Sixteen posted about globe cluster lamps, which led me to the directions on how to whip up this little number (designed by Jean Pelle) at ReadyMade.  Being the procrasinator I am, I first thought about making it, and then decided I did, in fact, want to make it, and then I procrastinated buying the supplies.  I bought all of the supplies over a two month period, and my procrastinator’s guilt finally took over, and I made the whole thing over two days.  A non-procrastinator could order the supplies online and have the whole thing made next week.  I like to spread my projects over a nine month period.

The directions are pretty clear, but here a few tips:

1. No one lists postal string by it’s width in inches.  Look for “medium” and “heavy” string.

2. If you don’t want wooden skewers taking up drawer space, look for a 1/8″ dowel at the craft supply store.

3. Don’t pay attention to the string lengths- cut all of your string at least a third longer than it says.

4. If you have access to a soldering gun, use it to fuse the wires.  Then keep your eyes peeled for white electrical tape.

5. Try to use a cord meant for a giant paper lantern instead of an extension cord.  Brian had one left over from college, and it came with a little switch on it AND little plastic loops for putting it through a ceiling hook.

Now that my attention is drawn over to this corner of the room, I’m realizing that it needs something on the walls… The decorating domino effect happens again.

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