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Vampire Weekend

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Well, I was out of town this weekend for a wedding in Forks, WA.  This wasn’t a vampire-themed affair; the groom (Brian’s cousin) was born and raised there.  What a beautiful, home-made wedding it was!  The parents of the groom hosted a few dozen campers in their backyard for the days leading up to the wedding.  The ceremony itself took place across the street in a neighbor’s front yard.  There was a real feeling of community- family and friends put together the flowers and table settings, as well as the food.  I think my favorite part was the beautiful patchwork of linens and dishware that the bride and groom had been gathering from Goodwill for months.

I think you all will be just as inspired as I am by the beautiful simplicity of this affair:






Don’t you just love the kids’ table?  And what about the stump seats?  They were just as comfortable as any chair.  Anyone else feel the urge to start collecting vintage table linens?