Review: Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton

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I watched a great documentary this weekend: Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton by Loic Prigent.  I stumbled upon this DVD while searching through my local library’s online catalog, and decided to check it out.  The film was produced for French television in 2007, and the DVD has the option for English or German narration and subtitles.  The film follows designer Marc Jacobs while he designs two separated collections: one for his own label, and one for Louis Vuitton.  The film crew was given unprecedented access to the design tables and work rooms of both fashion houses. You’re able to see how the creative process begins (pitch meetings, inspiration boards) and how it ends (the last minute stitching on garments less than an hour before a runway show).

You don’t need to have an interest in high end fashion to enjoy this documentary.  I think anyone with a creative mind will enjoy seeing  Marc Jacobs go through the creative process; I know I found inspiration from watching him and his teams work.  Anyone who’s pulled an all nighter finishing up a project will sympathize with the crews pulling 24 hour plus shifts to get the garments ready for a runway show.  I also found this film to have an overall fun spirit to it, which made it that much more exciting to watch.  The narration is quick and witty, the editing is clever and entertaining, there is some great music in the background, and of course, Marc Jacobs himself is fun to watch.

This clip from the film demonstrates perfectly what this movie is all about: the fun music, the creative process, the team’s attitude and spirit under Jacobs’ direction.

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