The Most Beautiful Laundry Hamper

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I was at The Container Store the other day, and while browsing the sale section, came across this, by Umbra.  I wanted it just for the fabric alone, but I’m trying to be responsible with my purchases (and I already have too many “bargains” that just sat around until I gave them to Goodwill).  Lucky for me, I actually did need it!

Someone in this household isn’t too speedy with the putting away of the clean clothes.  And our current clean clothes receptacle is this old plastic laundry basket my boyfriend inherited from his family.  I get really tired of looking at it; then I give up and put all of his clothes away.  Luckily, this “crunch can” is bigger than the other hamper, as well as much nicer to look at.  Oh, and it can scrunch down flat, for those times when the magical clean clothes elf appears.

Umbra makes many other sizes and shapes as well, available online at containerstore.com.  Oh, and many are still on sale!

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